10 Questions To Ask A Wedding Planner

Every wedding planner is different. Before you select a planner, make sure you select the one that fits your personality.

Here’s 10 Questions to ask a Wedding Planner:

1. How does the planner communicate with the bride and groom?

Do they prefer email, phone calls or face-to-face meetings? Most wedding planners can adjust either way, but make sure you don’t select the planner who only texts and isn’t so great about calling you back if that is what you prefer.

2. Will they help you with creative aspects of the wedding or will the planner just handle vendors, setup and scheduling?

Will they be able to come up with out of the box ideas instead of providing a cookie cutter wedding? Don’t be shy about asking these questions, because this can help you decide which planner is best for you.

3. How much experience do they have?

Do they work for themselves or with a larger company? How many planners will handle your event? Do they have help if they need it? Before depending on a total stranger to help plan the most important day of your life, make sure he or she has experience. Find out how long the planner has been in business and whether he or she works alone or with a larger company.

4. Ask them what type of vendors they recommend and why?

Ask “Why do you like that DJ?” Avoid planners who try to discourage you from using specific vendors without a good reason. They may be trying to get you to hire vendors that offer kickbacks for new or repeated business.

5. Do they accept commissions/tips from the vendors that they recommend?

Be careful of this. The wedding planner may steer you in the wrong direction for monetary reasons.

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