Day of Wedding Planning Package

Our Day of Wedding Planning Package includes the final step in planning your perfect wedding. This is perfect for those soon-to-be newlyweds who want to plan everything themselves, but come the day of the wedding, want someone to take over so they can enjoy their wedding day.

How It Works

Towards the end of your wedding planning process, we step in and take over. We ask that you give us your vendor names, phone numbers and all pertinent information that will help us coordinate everything from that point forward. Then you will fill out a questionnaire so Events Your Way can get up to speed and take over. We’ll introduce ourselves to all your vendors, make any last minute arrangements and send you on your way to prepare for that walk down the aisle.

The Big Day

On the wedding day, we arrive as scheduled to handle all vendors, set up details and answer any questions anyone may have. We perform the usual wedding coordinator duties such as gathering the bridal party, passing out flowers, assisting the bride, groom, parents and bridal party in any way. Our main goal is to be sure that you are relaxed and stress free. We will also help coordinate the rehearsal of the ceremony and run through everything to ensure your highest level of comfort.

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