Plan a Gay Wedding in Arizona

Gay Weddings in AZAre you planning a commitment ceremony or same-sex wedding? Congratulations! We’ve got the answers you need to plan the perfect celebration.

The Walk Down The Aisle

One of the most time-honored traditions in a wedding celebration is the anticipated walk down the aisle. Traditionally, the groom walks down first and awaits the bride and her father. How would you like to address this processional?  What do you do if both you and your partner have imagined walking down the aisle arm in arm with your dads? Depending on personal preference, there are many options.

  • You can all walk down together. Simply plan for an aisle wide enough to be four across to accommodate everyone.
  • You and your partner can accompany each other and meet your parents or the officiant at the altar.
  • Or simply decide who walks down first with their parent(s) and then who follows.

How Do We Select The Right Officiant?

When it comes to selecting the right person to marry you and your partner, there are many wonderful choices available. To make it even more personal, you can ask a close friend or family member to do the honor or you can find a judge or justice of the peace to sanction your union. The important thing to focus on is your personal values and love for each other. Then, find someone who shares and respects your values that you feel comfortable sharing your day with. Many couples turn to the American Ethical Union for guidance and support, while others turn to their own personal religious beliefs. Contact a minister or rabbi from the congregation to which you or your partner belong or a Unitarian Universalist, Universal Life, or Metropolitan Community church, all of which support same-sex marriages. 

How Do We Find The Right Words for The Ceremony?

How do you want your pronouncement to be said when your union is official? Husband and husband? Partners For Life? This is entirely up to you and your comfort level. To ease nerves, why not turn to similar commitment ceremony scripts to find the right wording for your needs? Sometimes it can be even more beautiful to rely on your own words and customize your vows to one another. For some helpful tips on writing your own vows or ceremony details, check out three examples of same-sex ceremony scripts from the Knot. Found the right words? Now, surround yourself with the people you love!

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