Plan a Gay Wedding in Arizona

Who Pays For The Celebration?

Traditionally, the bride’s family has paid for the wedding celebration, however, that train of thought has become a thing of the past (especially with ceremonies becoming more expensive as more customization options have become available). It’s important to decide what really matters to the both of you first. Do you want a small, intimate reception or a larger, more extravagant affair? Put your values front and center, then, have the discussion with your loved ones as to who may wish to contribute or if you’d prefer to both provide for the celebration together.

Who Should Change Their Name?

Changing your name comes down to personal preference. There are many different options to demonstrate your union and commitment to one another.

  • Consider hyphenation. Hyphenation can allow for both names to be reflected while you both take on a new name together.
  • Choose one of your last names for both of you to take.
  • Decide on a different last name altogether and both change it.

Choosing The Right Wedding Planner

Choosing a wedding planner to assist with your celebration has many different benefits. From providing exclusive discounts to finding the right vendors, he or she can help you create your perfect wedding and work through those important details. Ask the right questions and find a planner that respects your values and can help you bring to life what’s most¬†important to the two of you. Let them tap into their professional network and seek out the perfect solutions to make your dream wedding come true.

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